Letters to Erin Brockovich- Letter from Michele Krisko

Contact Erin Brockovich here and send her your letters concerning CFS and the CDC cover up

The following letter was written by patient Michele Krisko. She would like others to join her in writing Erin for help.

Hello Erin,

I am a person who has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 18yrs. During this time I have lost my health, my two small companies I began and which supported me and my now grown two sons. I became sicker and sicker until I could barley get up. I am on disabiltiy now. I have $6,000 left of my entire life's work at the age of 53!

I have been housebound for 5 years and bedbound for most of the last 2. Even the ability to talk has been taken from me as my throat turns to fire and swells followed by an exhaustion that of someone who just ran a few marathons in a row.

My days consist of laying in bed with a laptop over me on a table that sits over my abdomen. If it were not for the internet I would be totally isolated. I cannot have people visit me as it takes too much energy. I cannot shower but once a week and that is because I must. I can do nothing but lay flat with eyes closed for the entire day after that shower. What an existance. This is not how my life should be.

I am writing not to complain about my lot in life but because it could have been prevented long ago had the Center for Disease Control not played politics with our lives. PLEASE GO TO www.oslersweb.com and see for yourself the history of corruption regarding this disease and the CDC.

Why should you care? Because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was linked to a new human retrovirus XMRV in Science Journal in October of 2009. Soon a new study that replicated the XMRV link to CFS will be published in another scientific journal that was conducted by the NIH & FDA. The findings were leaked and said to be stronger than even the previous study.

However the CDC which has more than 20 yrs of covering up this illness and stealing appropriated funds from the government for CFS research recently published a study showing no link between CFS and XMRV. They purposely did not do an actual replication study so they would not find the virus and then were able to publish their findings along with two European non replication studies who did also. All of the negative studies were done by those who have been responsible for the suffering of millions of people for over two decades. Again for facts I refer you to www.oslersweb.com and the book Osler's Web by Hillary Johnson.

The estimates are 10 million people infected with XMRV. That is ten times more than the previous retro-virus HIV which we know causes AIDS.

Tomorrow July 26th the FDA Blood Advisory Committee is meeting in Bethesda Maryland to discuss the XMRV Retro-virus within the US blood supply. Estimates are up to 7% of the blood supply could be infected already and yet no one is talking about it. No one is warning people of this retro-virus that once inside your body can NEVER be gotten rid of according to today's scientific knoweldge. Just like AIDS currently can only be controlled with anti-retrovirals. This is serious stuff!

On September 7th the National Institute of Health will be holding a workshop on XMRV with top virologist and doctors from the world speaking there. We need some eyes watching for us. We are too sick to do anything much but type letters and we have, to one official after another all around the globe. Even that has put many of us into a deeper state of relapse. Imagine a relapse of deeper pain, exhaustion, cognitive issues, central nervous system dysfunction, etc gotten just from typing some letters like this one and from a reclined position mind you! Imagine all our families pain and loss. So much loss.

We need someone who is not afraid to ask the tough questions, expose the truth and get us help.
We are not looking for a payout we are looking for the truth and a treatment. Though I would be happy to be part of any lawsuit filed against the CDC if that is even possible in this country. In the UK in a short time I saw they gathered almost 9000 signatures to start a lawsuit for their governments coverup of CFS. This has been a worldwide problem this coverup but as The United States goes so goes the world. The CDC started this coverup and has kept it going to the detriment of all of us still suffering and to those who have died.

There are many diseases out there that have been maligned and ignored. But has there been one since the AIDS epidemic that has the capability of infecting 10 million people with a retro-virus? No! Everyone could be in danger. We know so little about how it is spread except the studies that show blood transmission, organ donor transmission. This XMRV retro-virus could be involved in many disease that no current cause is known such as Autism, A Typical MS, Lymphomas, Neuroimmune diseases etc. It has been connected to aggressive cancers. Again I will say THIS IS SERIOUS.

You have my e-mail. And you have my plea. My Husband, Sons and Friends all miss me. What I would give to be able to make one Sunday family dinner or to have a long visit with just them. I cannot. I live in a small bedroom mostly in the dark silence that has become my prison due to severe CFS. There are so many of us living this existance and we connect on social network sites such as Facebook. For us it is a validation of the pattern and severity of the disease to get online and find hundreds of people who are in the same shape. We were told via the CDC that we did not have a true disease but it was an emotional problem. But we knew better. And now that we hold hands across the virtual world of the internet we really know the truth and the truth is we are sicker than words can describe.

Please grab hold of our hands. Please help us get heard. Please help us attain some form of justice!

Thank you for your ear and your time

Michele Krisko -Just one of the CDC's victims


  1. is there an address to send this to?

  2. Well done, Michele, you are such an eloquent writer and an inspiration to us all. Thank-you.

  3. @James D: see first paragraph, where it says "here"; click on that to write Ms Brokovich!

  4. The important thing is that CFS people in the US want a lawsuit. If Erin Brokovich
    can't help you, some one else can.

  5. Brilliant! the story of my life. i couldn't have written my own story as eloquently. the only difference is that i have been bed bound for 23 years.
    i got sick before i was able to start a family, so i am bed bound and broke in a nursing at the age of 55! more than 90% of this nursing home are 30 years older than me, and many are MORE ambulatory than myself. I need saunas and jacuzzis for the crippling nerve pain, but they are not available here. only a nasty plastic chair in a shower once a week...it is awful. like living in a gulag. i have fought the liars and incompetents in the CDC and NIH for 23 years. their lies and obfuscation and misrepresentations to the public should put them in jail for the rest of their lives! the worst thing is that they KNOW we are sick...and yet they push this canard that we are "lazy" and a bunch of "malingerers". one of the largest group of sick patients belong to a group in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our own CDC officials call them "THE CHARLATANS" behind their back....as if a couple of hundred thousand sick and home bound patients are FAKING their illness!!! HAH So funny, these government bureaucrats are...what stinging wit...they fiddle while Rome burns.
    Erin, you have uncovered corruption at many levels of corporate america.
    this is a deliberate crime at the top levels of our National Health services
    If you can't help us Erin, can you forward this information to a class action law firm that can handle such a case, PLEASE!