UK: Strategy to get through information blockade on viral link to ME/CFS

There has been a lot of concern about how little news is trickling out of the U.K. concerning the new viral link to ME/CFS. The reason for this lack of news  is better known to those who live there.  It is obvious from the lack of coverage that journalists either can't or won't publish the news, leaving the public in the UK ignorant of this important news. This is advice which you can take or leave. It's only my intention to help.


Contact Andrea Pring  at XMRV Press Releases to take part in this effort!/group.php?gid=112160662164471&ref=ts

1.Join groups where healthy people from the UK public gather on Facebook. Groups about politics and sports.

2. Choose the best of the U.S. news coverage of the viral link.  Lift the best quotes from the articles to make your point.

3. Work as a team to post these different articles and quotes hourly.

4. You want to reach the people who tweet a lot, who facebook a lot. The electronic equivalent of the coffee house. Except people are now sitting in the coffee houses tweeting and facebooking. :)

5. Get Joe and Jane Public to start talking about the articles, and the news. Get them asking questions, and you have bypassed whatever procedures are in place to keep this out of the news.

6. If you cannot reach the people in power, take it to the people.

7. The people are on facebook and twitter who will in turn talk to their neighbors and people in pubs et cetera.

8. Go where the healthy people are.

9. If you would send an article out to your ME/CFS friends, send that article out on a political, news, sporty fan/group page on Facebook.

Groups to Join and Begin this Process!/democracyuk?v=wall&ref=search Democracy UK (200,000 members) ITV News Swimming (600,000 members)!/pages/Hiking/131532787045 Hiking

That's how you start a conversation.

Good luck!

Andrea Martell

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